if you ask me, this is just a case of filling the budget so to speak

like this 50 year old man (yes selling steroids) is a threat to society


Man arrested in steroids case
Police say suspect was peddling animal substances in Tri-Valley


Alameda County investigators believe a Discovery Bay man illegally sold animal steroids disguised as illegal human steroids to people at Tri-Valley fitness clubs.
After arresting 50-year-old Larry Brady in Pleasanton on a warrant May 17, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office investigators searched his car and found a large amount of pharmaceutical tablets, suspected human steroids purchased from India, China and Mexico, and a large amount of what they believe are liquid animal steroids.

“We have concerns he had the means and ability to transfer the animal steroids to packaging that is consistent to human-use steroids,” sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Nelson said.

Nelson said the sheriff’s department held off on announcing the arrest because officials wanted the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office to file charges first.

As of Wednesday, Brady was charged with possession of narcotics, but not possession of steroids. Nelson said the liquids and other compounds have to be tested to make sure they are steroids before any additional charges can be filed.

According to the sheriff’s office, Brady may have sold the animal steroids as human steroids — which are also illegal — to unsuspecting customers.

“They don’t know that for sure,” Nelson said.

Nelson said Brady frequented fitness clubs in Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore and Contra Costa County, and is known from his prior criminal history to be involved in steroids.

Brady was arrested on a warrant for evading police in Alameda County. He was in custody at Santa Rita jail in Dublin on a no-bail parole hold.