bogdan-steroidsJust recently, the man that led the FBI to anabolic steroids dealer Kirk Radomski has been revealed. He is actually one of the targets of  other FBI investigations involving real estate fraud. Andrew Michael Bogdan was the FBI lead who, according to Jeff Novitzky, has been acquainted with several athletes within the Major Leagues. For some time, the FBI depended on Bogdan to lead them to Radomski and this eventually led to the conviction of the steroid dealer. Radomski’s arrest was important especially to the Mitchell Report which served as a basis of charges against baseball athletes who had allegedly used performance enhancing drugs.

Bogdan was charged with fraud in a real estate flipping scheme to which he pleaded guilty in 2001. He was then under probation for 5 years and was asked to pay a sum more than $277,000 for restitution.