Joseph Tacopina, one of Alex Rodriguez‘s lawyers against Major League Baseball for his suspension of 2011 games, has asked MLB to release testimony about whether Commissioner Bud Selig was aware that Anthony Bosch distributed banned substances to teenagers.

Baseball’s chief operating officer, Rob Manfred, recently testified during the grievance filed by the players’ union to overturn Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension. It is rumored that Manfred testified that baseball was not interested whether Bosch, the owner of now-closed Biogenesis clinic, distributed performance enhancing drugs to minors because the interest of MLB was his relationship with players under investigation. Manfred remarked the focus of his organization was on whether players violated the sport’s drug agreement or labor contract and he added that said MLB had been a leader in preventing steroid abuse by youth.

According to rumors, the legal team of Rodriguez is trying to show that evidence linked to Biogenesis investigation was purchased at a point in time when it couldn’t be used to obstruct the investigation by MLB. Rodriguez spokesman Ron Berkowitz said the stuff that was bought has nothing to do with the arbitration process and obstruction. MLB suspended Rodriguez 50 games for a first violation, 100 for a second, and 61 for obstruction. In a tortuous interference lawsuit filed earlier this month, the lawyers of Alex Rodriguez claimed that MLB investigators have bullied witnesses and engaged in a “witch hunt” during their probe. In the past, Rodriguez’s representatives have repeatedly denied allegations in some newspapers that the baseball star and his representatives purchased Bosch’s notebooks and other Biogenesis documents.

Last summer, MLB suspended 13 players after an investigation of Biogenesis of America anti-aging clinic. On August 5 this year, Alex Rodriguez received the lengthiest penalty of 211 games and was the only one in the group to contest his discipline.

Alex Rodriguez, the American baseball third baseman for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB), is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time and is the youngest player ever to hit 500 and 600 home runs and has 14 100-RBI seasons in his career, more than any other player in history.

In a statement, Tacopina said while Manfred has violated the confidentiality requirements of the collective bargaining agreement by making reference to his testimony, we choose to live up to our obligations. He added Manfred knows that he has not accurately described his testimony and we therefore call on him to put forward his full testimony at the hearing about his and commissioner Selig’s knowledge of, and relative regard for, Bosch’s dealing performance enhancing drugs to minors at the time MLB struck its cooperation and indemnity deal with Bosch.

Meanwhile, baseball’s chief operating officer blamed those on side of Rodriguez for the release of information from the hearing. Manfred said there have been numerous and ongoing leaks from Tacopina and other members of the Rodriguez camp and we have made limited responses to correct the inaccuracies that have been put out by those associated with Rodriguez. He went on to add that it is ironic that Tacopina would have the temerity to complain about breaches of the confidentiality agreement.