The world of professional sports does not provide endless opportunities to sportsmen and this is the reason why they need to deliver as and when asked and this “invincibility” is more or less accomplished by those into sports by using performance enhancing drugs such as Masteron enanthate.

Having an anabolic androgenic ratio of 62:25 and an active life of nearly 8 days, Masteron enanthate (also known as Drostanolone enanthate) is best used in doses of 400-600 mg per week by men and 100 mg per week by women. It has the molecular weight of 360.5356 g/mol at the base and can be detected over a period of three months. The anabolic steroid is commonly stacked with long estered cutting cycle steroids such as Trenbolone Enanthate, Clenbuterol, Ephedrine, T3, growth hormone, IGF, and Testosterone.

This steroid is commonly made the part of a pre-contest or an off-season program for adding new muscles while retaining existing muscles. The derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), Masteron enanthate does not convert to estrogen and has the potential to inhibit blocking the conversion of free testosterone to estrogen by aromatization pathway besides enhancing the active free testosterone levels in the circulation. In addition to these advantages, Drostanolone enanthate is also admired for negating the side effects of estrogens and promoting fine muscle details being accentuated like striations. Furthermore, Masteron enanthate is also beneficial to draw out water from between the skin and the muscle to result in a very cut look at low body fat levels.

Last but not the least, Masteron enanthate is a potent anabolic steroid and must be used for legal purposes and under strict medical regulation.