Minnesota Vikings pair to play despite pending court caseKevin and Pat Williams, Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles will be able play in Cleveland this week despite pending court case against the National Football League (NFL).

The league previously handed the Williamses with four-game suspensions due to a drug policy violation last summer.

According to NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello, the suspensions will not begin this weekend, during the season opener.

The two players denied taking steroids although they admitted to taking an over-the-counter weight loss supplement called Star Caps. However, the supplement had a hidden ingredient, a prescription diuretic known as bumetanide. The NFL bans the substance because it can mask the presence of steroids.

A federal ruling last May dismissed some of the players’ claims against the league. However, others were allowed to go forward in Minnesota state trial court. This ruling was therefore challenged by the NFL, the players and the NFL football association.

These proceedings are currently on hold in the Hennepin County District Court. The 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals will have to resolve the appeals, and everybody involved in the case are still waiting for their final decision.

According to Peter Ginsberg, one of the lawyers representing the Williamses, the NFL has no choice but to hold the suspension until the 8th district makes its decision.