MLB PLAYERS SAY INJURIES MAKE THEM USE STEROIDSThe New York Times released a report that several MLB players testified against Ramon Scruggs, a 62 year old doctor who prescribed steroids and human growth hormones with out having to see the players. This report also sheds light over the fact that steroids are used to help the players heal faster from their injuries acquired during training and after every game.

Steroids are known to aid in the recovery of muscle injury and lubricate the joints to and prevent further bone injury. If these injuries are not addressed or are not healed sooner, a player could risk not being able to be on the field for the rest of the season. This is the defense of Troy Glaus of the Anaheim Angels who admitted using steroids even after the drug ban was imposed.

According to the players injuries were the reasons why they had to take steroids that also happen to be performance-enhancing drugs and not to gain any competitive advantage in the play-offs. However, what made the MLB suspicious was the fact that they continued to use PEDs after their recovery.