I know many of you know the shameful loss Shogun had to forrest at the last UFC event…

I talked about it here:


Forrest Griffin Wins by Submission at 4:45 in the 3rd round by rear naked choke.

so do any of you think Shogun used steroids? I don’t think so.  He doesn’t look like he was on steroids or anything related, but maybe, just maybe, he used some EPO or something related.  ….. wait … I’m making excuses for Shogun… isn’t it more likely that he came into the UFC thinking he will dominate the LHW division taking the newbie Forrest with a light touch, coming in with no gameplan (POOR CARDIO) and getting his ass handed to him?
Ladies, we have a winner, SHOGUN lost NOT because of drugs, but because he took UFC too light.