Mo Farah To Be Investigated By UK Athletics

The chairman of UK Athletics has announced that medical data of Mo Farah will be assessed for evidence of doping after allegations against his coach emerged.

Ed Warner said UK Athletics will look into supplements’ data and blood data of Farah. He further remarked that we need to make sure that there is nothing else there we have not seen, we are not aware of, or what has not been analyzed. The chairman of UK Athletics also said it may well be that the result of our own investigation reveals that there is nothing untoward going on as far as we can uncover in any way, shape or form around British Athletics and a British athlete.

Warner advised Farah to suspend his relationship with his coach Alberto Salazar until the allegations are proven wrong. Warner also stated that UK Athletics may decide to suspend its relationship with the Cuban-born coach within the next few weeks. Warner remarked he can understand that Mo Farah has great loyalty to his coach and added that absolutely can’t make a kneejerk reaction like that because Salazar is innocent until proven guilty and we need to conduct our own thorough investigation of everything that’s gone on with British Athletics and around Mo Farah in their engagement with Salazar.

However, Farah commented that he will stand by his coach until he was proven wrong. Farah subsequently withdrew from Diamond League event and remarked he felt emotionally and physically drained.

A BBC Panorama documentary recently levied allegations against Salazar, head coach at the Nike Oregon Project in Portland and an “unpaid consultant” for UK Athletics of being involved in doping along with US athlete Galen Rupp. The doping allegations were vehemently denied by both Salazar and Rupp, who won 10,000m silver behind Farah at London 2012 Games. Salazar, employed by Nike, is all set to give a strong reply on Panorama in which he will hit out at “individuals with agendas” and “inaccurate and unfounded journalism”.

Sir Craig Reedie, the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said doping allegations against the top athletics coach are “distressing”. Reedie added that it is sad to learn about the alleged methods of Salazar, including the use of banned steroids and unethical practices like micro-dosing.

The UK Anti-Doping authority’s head of science and medicine, Nick Wojek, said current micro-dosing cheats can be eventually uncovered by retrospective testing in the future. Wojek remarked we have the ability to store samples for up to 10 years so if new techniques become available to test for prohibited substances, we can sanction athletes we were not able to catch in real time.

In another development, sportswear maker Nike has been threatened by bribery and doping allegations in football and athletics. The company, currently valued at almost $90bn, was running the Nike Oregon Project in Portland where Salazar trained a number of highly successful competitors, including Mo Farah. Nike is not new to doping scandals. Alberto was coaching Mary Decker-Slaney when she tested positive for Testosterone. The sportswear maker helped fund her legal challenge against a doping ban.

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