doctor steroidsIt’s on again, the governments of states (and even on a federal level) are breaking the law by arresting and prosecuting legal pharmacies. Alright, let’s see what these steroids/HGH “distribution” pharmacies did.

1) Talk to patient about health problems; many health issues are caused by low testosterone and low growth hormone levels

2) Take blood test of patient

3) if blood test comes out low, show it to the doctor, who after examining the patients records and looking at blood tests, issues a prescription for some testosterone or low dose HGH

4) pharmacy fills the prescription

Please tell me, why is this illegal? how is this different from shooting people up full of Xanax or anti-depressants or any other crappy drug the pharmaceutical industry over there in USA pushes on people? it’s not! just the government decided to change steroids laws instead of really working on the hard issues like the economy or war in Iraq.

Three local doctors have been implicated in a national illegal steroid distribution ring, with one having already pleaded guilty in Alabama earlier this week.