Roger Clemens’ name has been quite the buzz in the recent Major League Baseball news. Have you ever wondered who is the man behind all these evidences and reports that have been released? It is federal agent Jeff Novitzky who now finds himself away from the back stage where he had been working for the past year.

Novitzky serves as the bridge between the prosecutors and two major witnesses to the Clemens case — convicted anabolic steroids dealer Kirk Radomski and Clemens’ then-trainer, Brian McNamee. Novitzky has been helping in the investigations and in gathering evidences to present to the grand jury. These will help determine if Clemens has been telling the truth in saying that he did not use any performance enhancing drugs.

Two athletes had been found to use steroids based on McNamee’s accounts. These were Andy Pettitte (who has now declined a contract with the Yankees) and Chuck Knoblauch (who is currently not playing anymore). While the two have confirmed that McNamee had been providing them with performance enhancing drugs, it is still unknown when they will testify in Washington.