MOZELIAK WILL DISCUSS STEROID USE WITH GLAUSOn Sunday New York Times reported that the Cardinals’ third baseman Troy Glaus had used steroids in 2003-04. He justified that he only used the performance enhancing drugs to speed up the recovery of his shoulder injury. He acquired this while he was still with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Last week in Phoenix, Glaus had his rehab for a surgery he had in January on an injury near the one he had in 2003. He reportedly acquired the steroids from an anti-aging doctor named Ramon Scruggs. What was controversial was that he received the steroids prescription before the doctor even knew of his injuries.

Because of his admission for using steroids for a valid purpose had prompted Cardinals’ manager, John Mozeliak, to talk to Glaus while they are in Arizona.

Glaus also reasoned that he wanted to recover quickly to get back on the field. With his career on the line he cannot afford not playing for several months.

Steroids are known not only to increase muscle gains but also assist in the repair of muscle strains and injuries.