Natural Hormone Can Replace Steroids In Treating Muscular AtrophyMuscular atrophy is a debilitating process that results in an extensive loss of muscle mass and function, which greatly worsens quality of life. It occurs in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS and heart failure, negatively affecting the patients’ prognosis. Also, muscular atrophy can occur with aging, inadequate food intake such as in anorexia nervosa, or as a side effect of glucocorticoid steroid therapy. Nerve injury also triggers severe muscular atrophy.

Researchers have found a potential new treatment for the common problem of muscle atrophy. There are few options to treat the problem, including anabolic steroids (testosterone) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IFG-1).

The researchers discovered that des-acyl ghrelin has a direct anti-atrophic activity on the skeletal muscle of mice with muscular atrophy caused by either nerve injury or fasting.