NFL-steroidsMLB has gotten a lot of attention lately for anabolic steroids and HGH use, but should baseball be the true target of steroid investigations. Let’s face it, steroids in baseball aren’t nearly as much of an issue as they are in the NFL. Last estimates put anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) use in the NFL at over 90% of players. So what’s a more important issue, steroids in baseball where about 5% of players are using steroids, or steroids in NFL where about 90% of athletes are using steroids and/or HGH. Maybe the real reason anabolic steroids aren’t being investigated in NFL is because of the money. NFL teams are worth billions (thats right BILLIONS) of US dollars, imagine congress trying to bully a game that’s about 100x larger financially then baseball. Let’s face it, the whole revenue in baseball about 7 years ago was 1.2 billion, while just 1 NFL team is worth over 1.2 billion! so the financial scale is not even on the same level.

tomorrow we’ll discuss the reason why steroids in NFL matter more then in baseball!

Let’s see if anabolic steroids and HGH would help you hit harder like this?