Among 10,000 Texas high schoolers tested this spring, only two student-athletes tested positive for steroids, officials said.

That’s right, out of 10,000 students, only 2 students tested positive for anabolic steroids, and one of the students was barely over his natural testosterone levels during the test.  Thus, there isn’t even conclusive proof the 2nd student even used anabolic steroids.  Let’s do the math,  that’s 0.02 of 1%, that’s about 2/100th of 1% of students were using anabolic steroids.  On the national scale, steroid use is so small it’s hard to measure about 0.0003%!  Let’s look at the OTHER drug use by the SAME high school students, taken from the official US government website: Bureau of Justice Statistics Drugs and Crime Facts (

Reported drug and alcohol use by high school seniors, 2006
Alcohol – 66.5%
Marijuana  –   31.5%
Other opiates  –   9.0 %
Stimulants  –   8.1 % (like methamphetamine/speed)
Sedatives  –   6.6%
Tranquilizers  –   6.6 %
Cocaine  –   5.7 %
Hallucinogens  –   4.9 %
Inhalants  –   4.5 %

Now, take a look at the above numbers and tell us if you think steroid tests are what the government should be spending taxpayer dollars on?  or is REAL drug testing the answer!

Let’s be realistic, steroid use by teenagers is WRONG, period, but trying to kill a fly with a bulldozer is not going to solve anything.  Texas high schools are wasting $6,000,000 (6million USD) just for testing of steroids over the next 24 months!  With ancillary and administrative cost, the texas school board estimates steroid tests will cost upwards of $25,000,000 (25million USD) over the next 5 years.  That’s a huge waste of taxpayer dollars for something that isn’t going to be solved by a test.