From the looks of it, the wire taps on signature pharmacy might have been illegal, especially the way they were done.  Then again, signature pharmacy was operating legally, they did bloodwork on clients, and gave out prescriptions only after bloodwork is done.  They didn’t just hand out steroids and human growth hormone ! that’s false

these companies operated within the law, so the feds are way out of line calling them drug dealers…. they are neither or…neither steroid dealers or human growth hormone dealers nor drug dealers.  They operated a LEGAL pharmacy!   

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 ****************************What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ? ********************

Criminal case against an Orlando pharmacy accused of running a nationwide steroids distribution network is being hampered as defense attorneys in Florida ask an appellate court to seal critical wiretap evidence, while the pharmacists’ New York attorneys demand its disclosure.
Meanwhile, defense attorneys for Signature Pharmacy contend Albany prosecutors may have violated Florida laws when they showed certain evidence — hundreds of pages of sealed wiretap transcripts taken by an Orlando task force — to an Albany County grand jury that handed up indictments against numerous pharmacists, doctors and so-called “wellness center” operators.

The wiretap transcripts were under seal at the time.

But Anne Wedge-McMillan, an attorney with Florida’s Office of Statewide Prosecution, argued in a Kissimmee court last Friday that her office was “fully and legally entitled” to share the wiretaps with Albany prosecutors for use in the grand jury proceedings. She called the conflicting motions by Signature’s attorneys “mind-boggling.”

She told a Florida judge the legal tug-of-war is calculated with the hopes that an Albany judge “will get frustrated and dismiss the Albany case.”

Still, defense attorneys say the multi-jurisdictional case is in jeopardy and that Albany County prosecutors may have made serious missteps.

“This was a classic case of the consequences of a rush to judgment,” said E. Stewart Jones, a Troy attorney whose firm represents two executives at Signature Pharmacy in Orlando. “That office had material that they shouldn’t have had and they unsealed it before a grand jury when they had no authority.”

Albany prosecutors dispute that opinion and are suggesting the pharmacy’s attorneys may be plotting to scuttle their case on technical grounds by making conflicting arguments in separate states.

“The defense is basically trying to hide the ball until the clock runs out. I think the courts will see through that,” said Albany County Assistant District Attorney Christopher Baynes. “Either they’re not communicating or some of these arguments are being made in bad faith.”

Defense attorneys in the case have countered that the interests of the pharmacy and its executives, who face criminal charges individually, are separate and that there has been no collusion on their part.

The face-off is unfolding in an Orlando-area court. The issue appeared to be resolved last Friday when a Florida judge ruled that Albany County prosecutors may have unfettered access to the wiretap transcripts, including turning them over to defense attorneys here.

But attorneys for Signature Pharmacy, which is owned by husband-and-wife pharmacists Stan and Naomi Loomis, filed an emergency appeal on Monday seeking to undo the Florida judge’s ruling.

Their appeal was filed as Albany County Judge Stephen W. Herrick has ordered that Albany prosecutors turn over the wiretap transcripts to defense attorneys here. Herrick’s order called for the materials to be turned over by last week. It’s not clear what the delay could mean to the criminal cases here, although Herrick has the power to dismiss the indictments.