so cops use steroids ? how many other government agency employees use steroids? probably a lot

these guys did it LEGALLY! they got a prescription!

Two city cops are under investigation for allegedly buying illegal steroids through Florida doctors, claiming they needed to boost their sexual performance, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

Both cops claimed they got blood tests from legitimate New York doctors and sent those results to Florida doctors advertising treatment on the Internet for low sex drive, the sources said.

One of the cops bought $2,000 worth of steroid injections from Dr. Robert Carlson, a heart surgeon in Sarasota, Fla., indicted in July as part of a nationwide steroids probe linked to Major League Baseball players and other pro athletes.

Prosecutors charge Carlson, an employee of Palm Beach Rejuvenation, signed off on thousands of prescriptions for patients he never examined, a violation of New York law.

Both cops have been suspended pending a review by NYPD brass, sources said.

Six more city cops are under investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau for allegedly buying steroids from an illegal ring operating out of a Brooklyn pharmacy, police officials said.

Lowen’s Compounding Pharmacy in Bay Ridge was raided Monday as part of the same probe that snared Carlson. About $8 million worth of illicit steroids and human growth hormone were confiscated from Lowen’s, investigators said.

None of the cops are expected to face criminal charges. But they are being tested for drugs and face departmental charges, including possible termination.

Rank-and-file union members were furious the six cops – two sergeants, a detective and three officers – face scrutiny when a one-star chief will not.

Chief Michael Marino was on an initial list of 27 cops suspected of using steroids obtained from Lowen’s, but was cleared of wrongdoing when investigators determined he bought a topical cream with a prescription, sources said.

Marino will voluntarily appear before the Internal Affairs Bureau today to answer any questions investigators have, another source said.