BeijingOlympicsSteroidsLooks like game’s not yet over for those dopers in Beijing Olympics. From TopNews:

Oslo – More alleged doping cases connected to the recent Beijing Games are pending, a Norwegian member of the International Olympic Committee said Thursday.

Gerhard Heiberg’s remarks were made on the eve of a meeting of the Olympic movement’s ruling body in Lausanne, Switzerland this weekend.

The cases concern ‘several people from several nations’ and several different events, Heiberg told broadcaster NRK, adding he was ‘not surprised.’

‘We had expected more to be caught during the games. Luckily there weren’t more, but I said that more were due and we are going to consider them,’ Heiberg said.

The IOC member said he could not name the athletes but said the IOC would meet with the athletes suspected of doping. The cases were based on tests of both A- and B-samples.
Heiberg said the names likely would be disclosed after the IOC meeting in Lausanne this weekend, the report said.

In the recently concluded 2008 Summer Games, the International Olympic Committee had conducted the most rigorous drug-testing program in the history of the Olympics. There were 4,500 screenings for banned substances during and in the months leading up to Beijing, a 25% increase on 2004 Athens Olympics.  Among the tests carried out involved the top five athletes and two random finishers in every competition. It was also the first time that kits were made available to test for human growth hormone but no athlete had tested positive for said compound.

Only six athletes ha tested positive for steroids and other banned compounds during the Beijing Olympics. Several athletes, however, were disqualified before the commencement of the Games last month. American swimmer Jessica Hardy was among the athletes who had failed their drug screening. It was reported on July 23 that the female breaststroke specialist had tested positive for clenbuterol, a banned compound known as a weight-loss drug.