pumping-iron-arnold-schwarzeneggerBy far the best bodybuilding movie EVER made was Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he made bodybuilding fun and as close to mainstream as it could ever get. Unfortunately, these days, the Ronnie Coleman ‘ s and Jay Cutler ‘s of the sport are making bodybuilding a sideshow joke around the world. Don’t be surprised if Pro Bodybuilding itself dies off completely by the year 2020. Already, the people who go to the Mr. Olympia are either related to the posers, or just some bodybuilder jokers. The attendance is a joke in bodybuilding events all around. And, it has NOTHING to do with anabolic steroids OR human growth hormone (HGH), but all to do with the direction of the sport. If you look at the NFL, there are a ton of steroids and HGH there, but it’s a hugely popular sport. The truth is that the judging in Pro Bodybuilding has become somewhat of a joke lately, and the most nasty looking bodybuilder wins. If you can come on stage at 1000lbs. at 2% bodyfat, you’d take the Mr. Olympia! it’s a joke all around. To save bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia should be split into 2 weight classes, under 210 and over 210lbs., and the judging in this and all other bodybuilding events should be based on symmetry, leanness and shape. The beautiful sculpture that is the human body, not the nasty ass bloated, bulky mofos who step on stage now.

As promised, click below to watch Pumping Iron:

Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger