This is given to Anthony Roberts as a credit, over on his blog but I figured it needs a repost badly

Recent Bust….and who to avoid because of those busts…
Well…this is the kind of thing I really never like to report about in my blog. In my perfect world, anabolic steroids would be legal, and people would use them under a doctor’s supervision. But that’s my own fantasy, and as much as I work towards steroid law reform, it’s not reality yet. What is reality is that there are many people (the majority) who are unable to obtain steroids legally, and that means that every so often somebody gets arrested. When that happens, often it sends ripples of busts throughout the community. We’ve seen several such busts lately, and I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of them. At the bottom of my blog will be 2 links to the most recent bust which has been the catalyst for all of the other recent ones.

Interestingly, in this most recent case (just play the video at the bottom of this blog to see it)… the authorities chose to show (on the news) the stuff they confiscated. And since they’ve done that, we can take a little peek at what products were confiscated. If I were concerned for my own freedom (and I’m not, because I operate totally legally)…I’d avoid every UG which had a product confiscated by this particular bust. Watch the video and read the names off the bottles…and you may want to avoid those labs for awhile.

And in this case, there was even a significant amount of research chems confiscated, and I would avoid that company as well (watch the video and you’ll be able to spot the research chems which were confiscated…I believe the one they do a closeup on was a thyroid med). Clearly the fact that those products were confiscated tells us that the authorities are looking at those items as having been purchased by this particular person with the intent to be sold or used by humans, in conjunction with anabolic steroids (in this case). And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the authorities have confiscated this person’s computer and such as well…and will most likely find e-mails and ordering details from this particular company to this dude who was busted…and that may be all they need to start seriously looking at this research chem company very closely. I wouldn’t want to be one of their customers right about now (or ever, really).

So do yourself a favor…watch the video(s), make note of the UGs and companies involved, and do what you think is appropriate to keep yourself safe. I think avoiding them…and especially avoiding the research chem company from the bust…would be prudent.

I don’t want to see anyone else going to jail, but especially not over research chems!