Taken From anthony robert’s blog: 

It seems that ResearchLabSupply was also involved directly with an underground lab. I’m not 100% sure which one right now…but they were supplying this UG with actual finished product, not just supplies to make gear (which is what they sell legally on their site).

This was a 2 man operation (at least) with one person operating the legitimate business, and the other running the UG Lab. It would seem that a couple of years ago, when this UG opened up, they were buying so much bulk oil and vials, that they went into the semi-legitimate business of selling bulk oil, BA/BB, etc…but never got out of the UG business.

The recent Ft.Worth bust that was all over the boards may have been the start of this investigation into ResearchLabSupply…or it may actually have involved the UG that RSL was likely running.

Right now, I can’t be 100% SURE on any of this, but it would seem that there’s a 99% probability that RLS was operating a UG as well as their LabSupply business.

I’ll update you further if I hear anything else.