Rising use of steroids among teenage girlsAccording to a study conducted by Dr. Diane L. Elliot, MD and colleagues of the Oregon Health & Science University, anabolic steroids use is prevalent even among teenage girls as young as ninth-graders. Previous analyses showed steroids use to be focused on older women especially those who participated in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Most of the girls reported to have used anabolic steroids were also found to use unhealthy substances like marijuana, cocaine, cigarettes and alcohol. They are also most likely to have had sexual intercourse before they reached 13; have been pregnant; have ridden with a drinking driver or have driven under the influence of alcohol; carried a weapon; have engaged in a fight over school property within a year; have feelings of sadness or hopelessness for two weeks almost every day; and have attempted suicide.

However, the common denominator for taking anabolic steroids is for weight loss. More than two-thirds of the girls reported that they prefer to use anabolic steroids to help them lose fat and help them enhance their body shapes. These girls who used steroids were also more likely to use laxative or induce vomiting as extreme means of weight loss.

According to The Medical News:

The findings highlight important associations among girls who use steroids, the authors conclude. “Across all grades, these seem to be troubled adolescent girls with co-occurring health-compromising activities in the domains of substance use, sexual behavior, violence and mental health,” they conclude. “High-risk adolescent girls seem to have received less attention than adolescent boys, perhaps reflecting that their actions are less socially, albeit perhaps more personally, destructive. Anabolic steroid use is another marker for high-risk adolescent girls, and further study is needed to develop effective interventions for this population.”