Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko has stated that Russia and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have come to an agreement on steps to reform the scandal-ridden anti-doping agency of the country.

Mutko remarked it is very much clear what we have to do and we have agreed on a roadmap. This announcement by the sports minister of Russia came a few days after he met with WADA head David Howman in Frankfurt for talks regarding ways to revamp RUSADA, the Russian anti-doping agency that was found by WADA to be non-compliant with international anti-doping standards. In a statement published by the Russian sports ministry following talks with Mutko, WADA head David Howman said the World Anti-Doping Agency is pleased to note the assurances made by sports minister Vitaly Mutko about the support and readiness to implement the recommendations presented in the report by the WADA independent commission.

On November 13, Mutko revealed that the IAAF has hidden 155 test results since 2008 and only 15 Russian athletes have been involved in those cases. The Russian sports minister also added doping drugs are not being produced in the country but smuggled by certain “mafia circles” into the country. Mutko also said up to 160 sportsmen and women are banned from competition in Russia every year and went on to add that some might call it efficient work, while others could say the number is too big. Mutko went on to add that the country has created the largest number of biological passports for its athletes and allegations that the country has destroyed some tests are false.

A few days back, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko told journalists that work of the anti-doping laboratory of Russia is based on the WADA model and no manipulations with doping tests are possible. Mutko also said Russia is open to consider any additional standards that may be necessary. Mutko also added that any wrongdoers will be punished and also remarked that Moscow has invested over 1.5 billion rubles (US$22.5 million) into the anti-doping laboratory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had already instructed Mutko to hold his own investigation into the doping scandal. Putin told Mutko to cooperate fully with international anti-doping organizations. The Russian President said innocent people should not be held responsible for actions of others and those guilty of doping use should be punished.

Last month, Russia was suspended by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). This was after an explosive report by a WADA independent commission that found evidence of large-scale corruption and state-sponsored doping in Russian athletics. The report accused Russia of “routinely” allowing athletes banned for doping despite having been suspended from competition and violating international testing standards. The country also lost the rights to stage the World Junior Championship in Kazan and the World Race-Walking Championship in Cheboksary next year. Russia is also suspended for the World Indoor Championships in March.

Russia became the first country to be banned from international competition after officials voted 22-1 in favor of the provisional sanction.

Since then, Russia has vowed to retrieve membership of the IAAF in time for its track and field athletes to compete Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games next year.

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