Yelena Isinbayeva, regarded by many as the greatest female pole-vaulter of all time, has slammed Russian officials for their failure to defend her in the doping ban row.

The 34-year-old was barred from the Rio Olympics despite the fact that there was never any suggestion that she was part of the Russian doping culture that has shamed the country. The two-time Olympic gold winner and three-time world champion blasted Moscow officials for failing to defend her. Yelena said the defense offered by Russian officials was very weak and she would term it ‘zero defense’. The current world record holder said she is sad and ready to burst in tears in front of this lawlessness and outrage.

It was further remarked by the Monaco-based pole-vaulter that she and her coach Evgeny Trofimov had revolutionized the sport but she was now receiving a slap in the face despite never having resorted to doping. The pole-vaulter added we were ten years ahead of our time and also commented pole jumping became sport number one in world athletics with her world records and victories. Her coach said Yelena would make an appeal in the Strasburg Human Rights Court, the European Court of Human Rights, despite the fact that even a positive verdict would come too late to compete in the Rio Olympics. Trofimov also said the decision of International Olympic Committee is lawless for her and for the team.

Yelena lamented in an emotional outburst that Rio is over and remarked there is no chance for her to stand up on the highest step at the Olympics. The Russian pole vaulter also said no Russian anthem will be played in her honor and she would not be able to cheer her fans by flying over the bar. Yelena also commented she was very upset as this is unfair.

Previously, Isinbayeva had criticized the International Association of Athletics Federations and asked for the entire organization to be disbanded. The pole vaulter remarked the fact that they threw this out shows their weakness and their helplessness and added the presumption of innocence before guilt does not exist and they cannot show who is clean in Russia and who is not and they just show their ineffectiveness. Isinbayeva remarked she would disband the whole federation and would change those running the organization yet again and also commented they are ineffective and are breaking up world athletics. The two-time Olympic gold winner said everyone understands clearly that without the Russians at the Games, only half the TV audience is going to watch the Olympics, and this is bad for the sponsors and also remarked it is also bad for the public who want to watch us compete.

Russian gold winning figure skater Evgeni Plushenko extended support for Yelena and remarked the federal leadership of Russia should back her claim to take part in the Olympics. Evgeni also commented that Yelena was a symbol of faith and overcoming yourself for many people, an idol for millions of fans around the world, because the Olympic movement is not just about competition and also said it is a mission that we are carrying throughout our whole lives.

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