The misconceptions about steroids run deep.  It seems that people believe steroids are dangerous, that’s not true.  Steroid abuse is dangerous, not steroids.  0 (zero) people have ever died from direct steroid use, unlike 85,000/year from alcohol and 490,000/year from smoking!  In canada, personal trainers know about steroids and they do sell steroids, but they seem to lie to the media saying they don’t use or sell steroids, face it buddy you’re a liar.  People buy steroids all the time and if they are shown the safe steroid usage they’d be fine!

When searching for a personal trainer most people look at experience, price and location, but a few are looking for something more dangerous — steroids.

“I let them know the effects it has on the body and the psychological effects,” said Jeff Flunder, a personal trainer who doesn’t work with people who use or are interested in using performance-enhancing drugs. “I’m very blunt.”


He said some trainers do use steroids and may assist others in doing the same, noting there are no requirements to use the title of personal trainer.

Earlier this month, Manitoba resident Julie Coram was stripped of a FAME fitness model title after she tested positive for three types of anabolic steroids. Coram holds the Miss Fitness Manitoba title as well, although the Manitoba Body Building Association is waiting for legal advice before making a decision on whether she will have to relinquish her championship.