An independent audit set up by UK Athletics has disclosed that there was “no reason” to lack confidence in the training program ran by Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Project. The audit findings said there was also “no reason” to be concerned about other British athletes or coaches are involved with the program.

This news came as a huge relief for Mo Farah, Salazar’s most successful athlete, who remarked throughout he would stick by his coach unless there was clear evidence of wrongdoing. The clearance of Salazar by UK Anti-Doping also comes as a relief for British Athletics performance director Neil Black and head of endurance Barry Fudge, who have been working closely with Alberto Salazar.

A few months back, the performance oversight group was established in the wake of an investigation by the US news website ProPublica and BBC’s Panorama that alleged that Alberto had violated a series of anti-doping rules, including giving Testosterone to Galen Rupp, Farah’s training partner. This oversight group composed of Jason Gardener, Dr Sarah Rowell, and Anne-Wafula Strike.

In a statement, UK Athletics said it could not offer full details of the review as of now as the United States Anti-Doping Agency had asked them not to while they continue their investigations into the coach. UK Athletics added the group’s findings restated their view that there was no evidence of any impropriety on the part of Mo Farah and no reason to lack confidence in his training program. UK Athletics also said there was no reason to have any concern about the engagement of other British athletes and coaches with the Oregon Project. It was said the review established that the vast majority of the endurance program’s interaction with the Oregon Project is in fact focused on Mo Farah, with very little other UK Athletics related activity. It was also added that coaching and support for Mo Farah will remain the focus of our engagement with the Oregon Project.

Salazar and Farah have both denied any involvement with doping and performance enhancing drugs.

For many, it comes as no surprise especially after the head of British Athletics, Neil Black, insisted in August this year that he is “really comfortable” with the fact that his organization is still working closely with Salazar.

Steve Magness, whose allegations against Salazar were a key part of Panorama’s documentary, said he was “disappointed but not surprised” that an audit set up by UK Athletics found no evidence of wrongdoing. Magness remarked while he has respect for the athletes who conducted the investigation, they were given an impossible task, given that they could only look at the interaction between UK Athletics and the group in Oregon and added considering most of that interaction was above anyone’s pay-grade who stepped forward in the investigation, the results could only ever go one way. Magness, also criticized UK Athletics for its approach since the allegations surfaced, and said he thinks we all need to realize that as the national governing body you send the message of what the entire sport stands for in your country. Magness added it is clear UK Athletics is sending a message that performance is all we care about, everything else be damned.

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