Shane Mosley steroidsShane Mosley is filing a lawsuit against Victor Conte. Victor Conte is claiming he saw Shane Mosley injecting steroids, and using the clear anabolic steroids provided by Victor Conete ‘ s BALCO labs. Shane Mosley has won a good number of world titles, in 3 weight divisions and is the only boxer in history to beaty Oscar de la Hoya 2 times. He could be a good candidate for steroid use, and he probably was using anabolic steroids at some point of his career, most boxers have. It’s just a shame that Victor Conte is using private information to slander athletes. Telling people someone using anabolic steroids and you saw it, is just as good as being a rat. What goes around, comes around! His lies about steroids will come back to him.

….Shane Mosley has filed a law suit against Victor Conte in federal court. According to the report, Mosley is accusing Conte, a convicted dealer for steroids, of slander. Mosley is upset at the fact that Conte told the media that he saw him knowingly inject steroids.

Mosley accuses Conte, the founder of the infamous Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, for falsifying the statements to boost book sales. Conte is planning to write a book about the steroids scandal he is wrapped up in.

….Conte is standing by the comments he made to the media . Associated press further reports that Mosley said he unwittingly used steroids produced by BALCO.