Slovakia Getting Ready For Regulation Of Steroid Sales

Slovakia has started preparing legislative measures to regulate the market of anabolics and anabolic steroids. Presently, it is the only European Union country that does not regulate steroid sales.

At a joint press conference with Police Corps President Tibor Gašpar on April 2, Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis discussed the plans to regulate sale of anabolic steroids. The Minister said we can’t allow anybody to be able to buy anywhere, products that can seriously damage the health of people, mainly the young and added that we must get this under control – what’s being sold, by whom, how, and where.

Police Corps President Tibor Gašpar said the Penal Code will be adjusted to assist policemen in taking against the people who do business with these “quasi drugs”. He added the punishments should include prison sentences of up to 15 years and said the goal is to create an effective mechanism to take action against illegal business in medicines, which currently appears to be a problem mainly when it comes to internet sales.

According to a National Criminal Agency (NAKA) 2014 report published on March 16, mild legislation allows the sale of anabolic steroids to adults who want to become big and handsome. The report on the state of the Slovak drugs scene revealed that the Slovak steroid market thrives and even attracts foreigners. It was further added that criminals from the Czech Republic obtain the listed substances even in the territory of Slovakia.

The country has been experiencing a massive surge in the number of illegal internet pharmacies offering anabolic androgenic steroids or counterfeit drugs. In Slovakia, anabolic steroids belong to category of the most abused illegal substances. Under the existing laws, legislation punishes only those who supply children under 18-years-old with steroids for non-medical purposes. The report disclosed that production and possession of such substances in huge quantities is punishable in the Czech Republic. According to the report and statistics, it is very difficult for someone to prove that steroids are being abused. Since 2012, only case of a criminal act of offering anabolic substances to a youth has been registered.

Recently, detectives from the Czech National Anti-Drug Centre (NPC) uncovered an organized group that was selling anabolic steroids and substances with hormonal effect, said spokeswoman Barbora Kudláčková. The suspicion relates to the shipment of substances from Slovakia to the Czech Republic and some more European countries. Last year, custom officers detained two illegal consignments with anabolic steroids worth over 2.5 million Kč.

Andrej Sukel, the President of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists, commented that steroid abuse in men can result in degenerative changes in testes while female may experience excessive hairiness and children using steroids could suffer from stoppage of linear bone growth.

It is widely believed that anti-doping paragraph of the Slovakian Penal Code should also be amended. Presently, only those who offer forbidden substances to under-aged persons or to athletes who are competing at organized sporting events face punishment. The new paragraph must stipulate punishment for anybody who uses anabolics to increase athletic performance.

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