It sure seems like south korea has now taken up some type of anti-steroid cause.  Interestingly, in time for the the Olympics? or to show the world their athletes don’t use drugs? Since in the last olympics we had about 20 Koreans caught for doping, steroids, EPO and many other substances; now they are trying to show off being non-druggies haha!

Did you know that every  month about 2-4 Korean teenagers and adolescents die from playing video games?  That’s right, every month Korea is home to over 4 deaths due to video game abuse, but they do NOTHING about it.  However, they have the time, willpower and idiotic resources to track down some bodybuilders using steroids?

Forget the fact that South Korea has not solved it’s problems with the communist North Korea…let’s concentrate on steroids and divert our failing economy voes and real problems.  Steroid busts are the answer ? or are they? wait 1-2 years in the USA an everywhere else politicians are going to start losing elections because they look like they are wasting huge resources, manpower and financial (taxpayer dollars) on trying to combat a problem which doesn’t exist.  Steroid use is not bad and neither should it be treated so.   People don’t die from using Deca Durabolin and Dianabol!

 Bodybuilders including a former member of national bodybuilding team have been arrested on charges of smuggling steroids.

The Customs Office in Busan Wednesday indicted eight bodybuilders for smuggling anabolic steroids worth 170 million won