Steroid Abuse Causes Psychological DisordersSteroid dependency caused several psychiatric disorders; this is what the new study has revealed. According to Professor Harrison G. Pope of Harvard Medical School, disorders relating to conduct and image are linked to steroid addiction or dependency. These results were achieved after interviewing and examining the medical histories of 134 weight lifters, which were grouped into three – non-steroid users, steroid users that has no dependency and steroid users that had developed addiction..

Body image and conduct disorders are respectively the juvenile versions of anti-social disorder and obsession to body size and appearance. Pope said that even steroid dependency is a new scenario in drug abuse; researches should totally reveal the disadvantages of using steroids. He added that science has just started finding answers to the long-term hazards of steroids.

According to Pope, there are some wrong notions about steroids, particularly the belief on developing prostate cancer. He said that steroid users are not prone to develop this type cancer but rather increase the chance of having cardiac diseases and mood disorder. He stated that some effects maybe reversible once steroid is stopped.

There are no conclusions yet on this study, but Pope believes that having more researches on this issue is the essential in order to dig deeper on the continuous issue of steroids.