Steroid Ban and New Changes in Horse RacingBig Brown, winner of last year’s Kentucky Derby, became popular not just by winning first in the race but also because of steroid issue. Recently, Rick Dutrow Jr., told the media that he did give Big Brown Winstrol every 15th of the month.

Winstrol used to be legal in Kentcucky Derby, but due to the outburst brought by the incident, the use of anabolic steroids was banned. No horse will be allowed to join in the race in Triple Crown series with the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby.

The issues on Big Brown and the death of Eight Belles brought awareness on some unfair practices and procedures done on horses. Aside from steroid ban, other changes were made including the banning of toe grabs placed under the horses’ shoes while racing or training. However, investigations on the cause of death of the Belles revealed that no steroid residues were found in the bodies.

Three trainers, Larry Jones, Rick Dutrow Jr. and Michael Matz agreed on the changes done because they all want is the best for their horses. They believe that there should have national body to employ rules on everything on the sport including licensing and medication.