Steroid Convict ReleasedIn September 2007, Richard Donoghue was caught possessing $60,000 worth of illegal drugs. During the search and investigation, police officials found various kinds of prohibited drugs including steroids. Donoghue pleaded guilty in Ontario Court of Justice to seven drug-related charges including possession and trafficking of ketamine, magic mushrooms and ecstasy.

According to federal prosecutor Mauro DiCarlo, the police was able to confiscate 150 grams of cocaine, 155 grams of ketamine, 329 ecstasy pills, 60 grams of magic mushrooms, 72 vials of liquid steroids and 100 steroid pills.

Addition to the confiscated drugs, the police also found debt lists, cash and two prohibited knives. Richard Donoghue, who is now 36, was sentenced to 360 days of imprisonment. Donoghue was recently released though he will still be under probation for 18 months.

Possession, use and trade of regulated drugs such as steroids and cocaine are unlawful. Hence, person who is found guilty of selling, possession and use these controlled drugs without prescription from his doctor and proper documentation will face legal sanctions.