This bust happened in Nashua, wtf is Nashua ? turns out it’s some redneck town in New Hampshire with a population of about 50.  No wonder the cops have nothing better to do then to bust steroids.

Last known, the local politicians had a bit of a problem with the economy, hmm let’s not concentrate on the economic failures of our city, but rather concentrate on steroids.  Of course! that draws attention away from the real problems.  After all steroids are really the problem everyone should talk about haha!

 A Nashua man pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges he ran a steroids ring out of his Lake Street home.

Then again, is the government to blame for this guys being goofy? He took payments in greetings cards, i.e. showed his face at some mailbox to pick up the money from selling steroids.  Is that smart? I mean for the buyer for the anabolic steroids, when you buy steroids do you think it’s smart to send $ to some guy thru the mail system?  Wouldn’t it be safe to say that the seller is probably being watched by the same people who sent $ to purchase their steroids batch but were government officials.  Let’s face it, use some common sense.

Cashmon mailed the steroids to buyers around the country, receiving payments through wire and electronic transfers and cash hidden in greeting cards