williamtraverso-steroidsThis week, Canby businessman William Jake Traverso was arrested for drug-related and theft charges. It all began years ago when Jason Deason, a Canby police officer, was allegedly using anabolic steroids which are a controlled substance in the country. Deason had resigned since then and just a few months ago, his former roommate, Canby Police Chief Greg Kroeplin, was suspended with pay after he was proven to have concealed that Deason had been using the illegal drugs. After a year of further investigations, leads pointed to Traverso who was one of those who had allegedly given Deason his supply of steroids.

FBI agents claimed that even back in 2001, during investigations on Deason’s steroid abuse, the former police officer had already tipped off Traverso. Deason even coached the drug dealer on what to say when the police question him about steroids.

Federal investigators raided Traverso’s home and workplace at Yamhill County where they found an address book containing Deason’s contact information such as his work phone number and his cell phone number. They also seized some stolen goods including two firearms. Traverso was charged several counts on the illegal possession and distribution of controlled substances which included steroids and methamphetamine, and first-degree theft. He will probably facing a prison sentence unless if he pays his bail that totals $75,000.