Who knew the FBI was involved with steroid busts? wasn’t that only the DEA?  We thought the FBI was concentrating on such things as terrorism not steroids.  Although there is a surprise in this steroid bust, the time of the sentencing.  It seems the time in jail for steroid distribution has been going down.  At the start of the anti-steroid agenda, steroid producers were getting 4-10 years, insane sentencing for some white collar worker who was just selling steroids to friends.  Now, the sentencing has gone down, with this latest steroid bust ending up with about 16 months in jail, that’s roughly 10-12 months with good behavior.

This might be related to the steroid dealer who was busted for selling steroids on myspace, so that’s possible as to the reason why the FBI was involved.  Otherwise, it would seem very strange.

An Arizona man has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for distributing anabolic steroids over the Internet.

Forty-year-old Brian Jeffery of Bullhead City appeared in Hartford federal court on Thursday.

Authorities say that on two occasions, an undercover FBI agent exchanged e-mails with Jeffery, placed orders for the anabolic steroids dianabol and testonogen and received the steroids in the mail.

Prosecutors say Jeffery admitted that he bought raw steroid powder from suppliers in China and converted it into forms that could be injected and taken by mouth. They say he sold at least 10,000 units of anabolic steroids from March through June of last year.

Jeffery has been detained since his arrest last September.