methPlease someone explain to me why the governments are spending money to test for steroids in schools but don’t test for the most dangerous drugs like marijuana , cocaine or meth or ecstacy ? please explain that one to me.

A Missouri Senate committee will consider legislation today to require the state’s school districts to start testing for steroids.

Anyone with common sense knows that testing for steroids is a waste of money! now testing for coke , meth , E and weed! there is something schools need. How much do you think this will cost the taxpayers (testing for steroids)?

but it’s not cheap. A single test can cost $200, and many school districts don’t want the state to pass that cost to them.

So let’s see, USA has a failing education system with one of the highest rates of widespread drug abuse among teenagers, with methamphetamine claiming over 25% of high school students, but nothing is being done about that drug? let’s let students smoke marijuana and do cocaine but we’ll look the other way and spend MILLIONS of tax dollars testing for steroids , where is the common sense here?