cheatingsteroidsSteroid use is considered cheating in sports. It has been (and still is) a hot issue in competitive sports. And it looks like critics and supporters of steroid use could not find a common ground to talk about the many aspects of steroid use in athletics, including the legal and medical issues.

Supporters would say that synthetic steroids use is not an evil deed, as many suppose. Or, more to the point, as many presuppose as many sectors of society are not informed about the nature of these drugs, and yet are capable of arriving at derogatory conclusion. Stigma is almost always a product of misinformed or uniformed point of view; and stigma can morph into many forms that can further fuel the already hot topic. One such form is caricatures.

Steroid use in sports is quite a favorite subject of the art of caricaturing, and steroid users and supporters oftentimes do not agree with the portrayal. There’s this one caricature that elicits ire from steroid defenders, go to, and get a picture (or a caricature, to be more precise) of how others view steroids and their non-medical use.

It seems that we tend to caricature everything and everyone nowadays – from ideas to world views, from Osama to Allah, from Bush to Paris Hilton. But the question is do these portrayals submit the general picture?

True, supporters say, steroids do enhance the performance and physique of athletes, but several factors are required for an athlete to be the winner in the playing field. Also, using steroids is not different from enhancing one’s physical appearance through cosmetic products and surgeries. A liposuction, for instance, a surgical procedure used to rid the body off excess fatty tissues can be compared to using Proviron to avoid fat accumulation in the body.

At one end of this tightrope, are the critics who say that it is ethically and morally wrong to use these synthetic compounds as they cause undue advantage over other competitors. Therefore, whoever is found out using steroids should suffer punishments in the form of fines or ban from playing the sports.

Now, we ask when will there be a satisfactory agreement between these two sides? But the more important question is when will the stigma against steroid use end?