Steroids beneficial for preserving kidney functionAccording to a finding published as part of a study in an issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), treatment with steroids can prove to be a beneficial option for delaying or preventing loss of kidney function in patients with IgA nephropathy, a type of kidney disease.

The kidney complication is an autoimmune disease affecting the kidneys and is considered as a major cause of end-stage failure of the kidneys in younger people.

The list of study co-authors included Simeone Andrulli, Lucia Del Vecchio, Francesco Locatelli (Ospedale di Lecco), Antonello Pani (Ospedale di Cagliari), Patrizia Scaini (Ospedale di Brescia), Giambattista Fogazzi (Ospedale Maggiore di Milano), Bruno Vogt (Inselspital di Berna), Vincenzo De Cristofaro (Ospedale di Sondrio), Landino Allegri (Ospedale di Parma), Lino Cirami (Ospedale di Firenze), and Aldo Deni Procaccini (Ospedale di Foggia).