Steroids Cure OsteoporosisOsteoporosis, one of the major causes of disability in older women, can be cured by low doses of steroids. On the basis of a new research by scientists, it has been reported that low dosages of estrogen increase bone density in women that too without causing any side effects.

Sources say that researchers from the University of Connecticut examined the effects of one quarter of the dose of estrogen generally given in hormone therapy. In the course of study, researchers conducted examination on 167 women older than 65 years of age. The concerned women were randomly assigned to receive smaller amount of estrogen or placebo. Researchers kept account of the bone mineral density of the hip, spine, wrist and the total body parts, every year for a period of three years. They also kept an eye at the markers for bone formation and bone resorption during the study.

It was found that women who were on low doses of estrogen showed an increase in their bone mineral density at all the sites compared to women on the placebo. Scientists found the markers for bone loss were too significantly decreased in women on low-dose estrogen compared to those on the placebo group.

The use of low dose of estrogen proved to be really helpful in increasing the bone density of the patients of the osteoporosis. On the basis of the report, it was concluded that osteoporosis can be cured by low doses of the estrogen steroids.