barry-bonds-steroidsCan baseball players be better in baseball with the help of anabolic steroids? this is sort of the question on the minds of everyone right now who doesn’t know much about steroids. Can steroids and HGH help you hit a 90mph ball better? let’s see.

In NFL, for example, your size is important, imagine 2 350lbs. linemen hitting each other. Size and bulk matters, steroids would matter ; however, how can steroids or HGH matter when you’re trying to work on your hand / eye coordination to hit a baseball that’s being thrown at you at 90mph. Let’s forget reason for a second, and let’s say steroids do make you stronger and faster (steroids actually don’t help cardio shape but that’s for another day), so how would being stronger or better recovered help you blast your bat at a ball traveling at you at around 90 miles per hour!??!?!? well, simple answer is that no STEROIDS or HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE or PRAYERS TO GOD in the world will help you hit a 90mph little white ball. The truth is that, hard training, talent and talent will help you be a better baseball player.

Barry Bonds is the best example of steroids use in baseball today, but how can anabolic steroids help him hit a baseball? taking anabolic steroids makes you bulky and thick, bigger and stronger, how can being bulkier make you a better baseball player? let’s face it, it will only slow down your arm movement trying to hit a baseball coming at you 90 and sometimes 100 miles per hour. The answer? simple, Barry Bonds is a gifted athlete who trained hard and had a ton of talent, he could hit a baseball if he was on crack or cocaine. Yes, steroids might have helped him recover faster and hit his ball farther (maybe because he’s stronger?) but they sure as hell didn’t help him in the actual swing (the core of baseball).

So, let’s cut the bullshit, steroids can benefit you about 10-20% if you’re a baseball player, and HGH will actually hinder your game, so what’s the big deal about all this nonsense steroid talk? let’s do the research first people!