STEROIDS FOR INFLAMMED SINUS CAVITIESSinusitis is the inflammation in the mucous membranes that lines the sinus cavities. Sources say that it had been found that steroids can help in reducing this inflammation to promote drainage in the sinuses. Steroid sprays like Flonase, Nasonex and Rhinocort are the ones, which are prescribed to treat chronic sinusitis and allergic symptoms.

According to the sources, researchers conducted two studies in which they evaluated patients at treatment centers in the United States. First one took place in Turkey and the other one included 71 medical centers in 14 countries.

To confirm diagnosis, participants underwent X-rays or nasal endoscopy. Then they received either a placebo or intranasal corticosteroids for a period of two or three weeks in combination with antibiotics fluticasone propionate (Flonase), mometasone furoate (Nasonex) and budesonide (Rhinocort). Patients were given stronger doses almost 400 micrograms of the nasal steroids.

Sources reported that total of 73 percent of the patients treated with nasal steroids either experienced relief or showed improvement in the symptoms during the study period, against 66.4 percent of patients who were on placebo.

On the basis of the reports, it can be drawn that patients receiving stronger doses of nasal steroids daily around 400 micrograms can experience relief from sinusitis symptoms.