Steroids help kid with histiocytosis  Histiocytosis is a very rare disease, affecting children below the age of 15. Due to less people being affected by the disease, funding for researches are also rare.

Families whose members are affected by this disease usually are at a loss. They lack information regarding the disease and they do not know where to turn to for help.

This is what the Urbans have to go through after they learned that Grace, their less than two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with histiocytosis. The family was shocked to learn that their daughter contracted a disease that only affects five children out of every one million.

Grace initially had a bump on the side of her head. They thought it was just another ordinary cyst. However, after it disappeared another appeared, and then a third one caused her lymph nodes to swell. Two hours after the biopsy, the doctor told them it was a rare blood disease caused by en excess of white blood cells.

The disease can be quite similar to cancer. It can spread from organ to another. They were worried that it would spread to Grace’s brain and later on to his other organs.

Fortunately, Grace responded well to chemotherapy and steroids treatment. Although prednisone treatment was an awful experience for Grace, it helped her recover from the disease.

Now at the age of five, she is off all medications. So far, her routine check-ups and labs remained clear.