steroids-in-baseballMore and more USA taxpayers are saying that investigations into Steroid use in Baseball are not worth public’s tax dollars. It seems the public is finally sick of ongoing investigations into whether Barry Bonds hit a home run while injecting trenbolone, or Roger Clemens took HGH while throwing a pitch. The US congress is ignoring a full blown national recession in the USA, a housing crisis, skyrocketing debt, and the failing war in Iraq; instead the concentration seems to be in finding out needle was stuck into Roger Clemens’ ass when he took steroids while playing baseball. Millions (that’s right MILLIONS) of USA taxpayer dollars have been spent on countless steroid investigations into baseball, and thousands of hours (hours that should be used to help USA citizens) have been spent to eradicate the LEAST influential problem in sports today. That’s right, steroids are the least influential problem today. Baseball has many other problems which need to be dealt with, but not by US Congress but by MLB – who is responsible for dealing with baseball and related regulations.

Interesting that NFL is not being targeted in steroid probes as of yet, probably because American Football is the most valuable sport in America, with many teams in the NFL worth over 1,000,000,000 (1billion) US dollars! They have so much influence that you’re not going to see investigations into who used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone (HGH) or anything of that nature. It’s politics and money. Everyone already knows all NFL players use steroids, whether it’s testosterone or HGH, the fact is 99%+ of NFL players are on some type of drugs.