Steroids may have caused Lesnar’s disease to be diagnosed late  Although Brock Lesnar’s condition was not confirmed that steroids has something to do with it, people still keep on dragging steroids in the whole health issue.

Writers have even cited WebMD and other medical professionals regarding his condition. Nobody knows for sure what caused his condition or when he would recover. All we know is that he is very sick and he has to take an indefinite leave from the UFC.

Brocks’s condition called diverticulitis was cited by one website to be sometimes hard to detect if a person is using steroids because the substance may mask the disease’s symptoms. This according to them could delay appropriate therapy.

This is in reference to the article written by Holly Salzman, MD and Dustin Lillie, MD of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. The article is titled Diverticular Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment. The authors concluded that steroids might mask symptoms of Diverticulitis.

I hope that Brock is not on steroids because if he were, he would be destroying his own credibility. He had vehemently denied since he entered MMA that he was using steroids. He even made his point by punching walls and walking out on interviews.

From Bleacher Report:

In 2003, the New Zealand Medical Journal reported, “One of the lesser known but most life-threatening gastrointestinal side effects of steroids is the perforation of colonic diverticula.”