Successful Businessman Caught With Multiple SteroidsA businessman, Michael Kehoe, was caught with around 80,000 steroids which he claimed were for personal use. He said he had them for himself and would occasionally give them away to friends. Kehoe, of Orwell Park, runs two businesses in the fitness industry; The Supplement Store on Camden Street and, a website selling specialized gym equipment.

Gardai and Customs Officers got a warrant to search the house where Kehoe was living with his girlfriend. Almost 80,000 tablets were found consisting of six different types of steroids, including ‘Angel Dust‘, ‘Pink Thai‘ and ephedrine. Judge Pat McCartan fined Kehoe €2,000 on each of the three counts with six months in jail if he fails to pay. He also ordered him to pay costs to the prosecution of €3,000.

However, according to the defense counsel of Kehoe, said that his client suffers from Male Body Dysmorphia, a psychiatric disorder where the patient is obsessed with his body image. He said Kehoe became part of a “culture of steroid abuse” through the people he was training and mixing with.