Supplements Were Legal, Says Retired Bomber

Former Bomber Mark McVeigh has claimed that every supplement taken by his teammates last year had been approved by the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority. The statement by McVeigh was in response to the allegations that the children of Essendon players and officials have been bullied in relation to the doping scandal that has engulfed the club.

The former Bomber, who was critical of whistle-blower Kyle Reimers in the immediate aftermath of his testimony about the dubious medical practices at Essendon last year, went on to rubbish claims that off-site injections being investigated by the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority took place in a sinister environment. However, the former Essendon vice-captain said it was appropriate that the club was under investigation due to its employment of people with “a dodgy past or history” but remarked ere was no way any Essendon player would have knowingly taken performance enhancing drugs.

McVeigh added that we were obviously in an auditorium alongside doctors and coaches and it was explained, in a PowerPoint presentation, what supplements we would be using and went on to add that the players knew exactly what we were taking, that it was above board and ticked off by ASADA. He also remarked that anything that went into our bodies that was illegal, there is no way we would have known about that and there is no way any of the current players would have taken that and contended that when you have got James Hird and doctors in the room that you respect, you believe them and every supplement taken by the teammates was ticked off by ASADA or WADA (the World Anti-Doping Authority).

Before his retirement last August, McVeigh played 232 games with Essendon and contested claims that the off-site injections overseen by Stephen Dank, the man central to investigations in both rugby league and AFL, took place in a dubious environment. He added that a lot of us have got young children and we are close to our families and that would be disgusting for us to be doing something like that, so he was just shocked.

A close friend of Essendon coach James Hird, McVeigh remarked it was clear the scandal had taken a toll on his health and said he has lost a bit of weight and looks a little bit stressed. McVeigh also remarked that Hird is a resilient person, a great figure of the game and it would have taken all of his strength to get himself up, to get the club in the right frame of mind to be able to play.

David Zaharakis, a former teammate who appeared alongside McVeigh on the Seven Network’s AFL Game Day, remarked it was distressing that it was not only the players and coaches being affected by the saga and added that it definitely takes its toll on everyone and it’s ridiculous people can start targeting your family or your kids and added that he know some of the coaches and even players who have kids at school (who) have copped a bit of bullying.

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