SURVEY SHOWS BALLGAMES TOO EXPENSIVE FOR FANSFans are singing a different tune as tickets for watching a ballgame soars high. This is now the main concern of fans after a survey was conducted on March 26-29 by the Associated Press-Knowledge Networks. Survey results reflected that other concerns of fans were players getting into steroids and their salaries. As the opening day looms, fans are concerned that the recession has affected their disposable income and they may not be able to afford the cost of the tickets. And it’s not just the tickets. Concession stands and parking lots have increased their rates too. Even souvenirs like t-shirts cost $55 a piece.

Some of the fans express their disappointment over the fact that players are earning millions despite the recession that the country is going through. Salaries of players like Texeira and Sabathia have signing bonuses of $180 million and $161 million respectively are also becoming so too much. Other fans are still enraged over major league players getting into steroids. Some say that they shouldn’t be recognized or given a chance to the Hall of Fame regardless of their baseball statistics.