Sydney Roosters Set To Be Embroiled In Controversy

Minor premiers Sydney Premiers can be dragged into the doping investigations of the National Rugby League. This was after two of their players are expected to be interviewed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency (ASADA).

It is rumored that the names of Sydney Roosters‘ players came up during the investigation of Sandor Earl, the Canberra Raiders star, who recently admitted to using and trafficking banned peptides. It was confirmed by Roosters CEO Brian Canavan that officials were aware of the rumors but the club was not yet contacted by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency. Canavan remarked we are not aware of any investigation though we are aware that some rumors are circulating that a couple of players and ex-players may be interviewed. He added the club has the highest standards in their own governance practice and procedures and is totally compliant with the integrity unit’s practices and procedures.

According to Daily Telegraph, the club has been implicated because of a common party between Sydney Roosters and Earl, who started his career at Bondi Junction before he moved to Penrith in 2010. Meanwhile, the camp of Earl has denied rumors that the 23-year-old has provided any information about other players of the National Rugby League to ASADA. It is believed that Earl actually provided evidence about sports scientists Steve Dank for obtaining a significant assistance in getting his ban cut from 4 years to 1 year.

According to an announcement by National Rugby League (NRL) chief Dave Smith, an infraction notice was issued to Sandor Earl as a result of the ongoing ASADA investigation. Smith added that the infraction notice is a result of an interview between the player and ASADA in which admissions were made into the use and trafficking of the peptide CJC-1295. The New Zealand-born Canberra Raiders winger may accept the punishment of the league or elect to take the matter to a tribunal, Smith said. Meanwhile, the coach of Australian Rules club Essendon Bombers has been suspended for 12 months and the club was thrown out of the playoffs as a result of the ASADA probe. This was after it was found that the club used its players as guinea pigs in an experimental and possibly illegal supplements regime in 2011-12.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency has already interviewed more than 40 players and officials from Newcastle, Parramatta, Manly, Cronulla, Penrith, Gold Coast, and North Queensland. Three full-time investigators have been appointed by ASADA to the investigation of NRL since August and its powers included using phone records, emails, and other modes of communications as evidence for summoning officials and players for interviews.

It is believed that senior officials and staff including Sharks coach, Shane Flanagan, former strength and conditioning coach, Trent Elkin (now associated with Parramatta), and others are in the firing line for their failure to take care of players when Steve Dank oversaw their supplements program. While Dank has refused to be interviewed by the AFL, the NRL, or ASADA, the senior officials and staff members in the firing line have denied they were involved in any peptide injection program at the club.

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