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Thursday 10, Jun 2010

  Men may go for unhealthy behaviors due to pressure to be more muscular

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Men may go for unhealthy behaviors due to pressure to be more muscularA research has suggested that men face pressure to have muscular bodies and this may be one of the biggest reasons behind symptoms of eating disorders, pressure to use steroids, and an unhealthy preoccupation with lifting weights.

Tracy Tylka, author of the study and assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University’s Marion campus, said men idolized muscular men in the media.

This is one reason why most men ‘succumb’ to these unrealistic expectations by abusing steroids.

The research was presented by Tylka at a symposium on August 10 in New Orleans at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association.

Tuesday 07, Apr 2009

  Steroids use is attracting more young men these days, Survey says

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Steroids use is attracting more young men these days, Survey saysIn a survey done by the charity DrugScope, it was found that abusing steroids or performance enhancing drugs was a main problem in almost 10 out of 20 town and cities it surveyed. Experts said that more and more young men were turning towards anabolic steroids for increasing self-confidence and improving body shape.

The use of drugs is mainly associated with sportsmen, especially with athletes and bodybuilders. But in the survey, evidence of widespread use of drugs, just for purely aesthetic reasons, by young professionals, building-site workers and students was discovered. The charity warned that youths saw drugs as an easy way to attain that muscled, toned physique. It also said that supply of class C drug, a human growth hormone, is illegal, but its possession was under law.

“The rise in the number of young men misusing steroids is extremely worrying and seems to be in response to a growing obsession with the ideal body image. There are serious risks associated with steroid misuse, but people may ignore the dangers or not seek help because they do not consider themselves drug users, said Martin Barnes, chief executive of DrugScope.

The DrugScope survey also found an increase in the use of heroin and crack cocaine simultaneously. This usage practice is known as “speedballing,” and is so common in south London that the combined substances are treated similar to a drug in its own right.

The various side effects of steroids misuse include reduced sperm count, high blood pressure, increased aggression and kidney and liver problems. Risk of occurrence of HIV and hepatitis B and C is also quite high among the injectors.