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Thursday 21, Oct 2010

  Admissions and accusations from Landis

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Admissions and accusations from LandisFloyd Landis, the former teammate of Lance Armstrong, and a successful cyclist himself in the past won the Tour de France championship only to see it stripped from him for doping.

With a career at low, Landis has unexpectedly returned to the spotlight by saying that he and many top American cyclists were involved in systematic doping.

Landis has struggled to keep his life on track since testing positive for a synthetic form of testosterone at the 2006 Tour de France and presently races with the lower-level OUCH-Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling team.

Friday 21, Aug 2009

  Hooton back in Louisiana to talk about steroids

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Hooton back in Louisiana to talk about steroidsDon Hooton, a native of Lafayette and the president of Taylor Hooton Foundation is back in Louisiana to talk about steroids in two Acadiana high schools, the St. Edmund’s School and Opelousas Catholic School.

According to him, teenagers usually learn about drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, and alcohol. However, steroids are usually taken for granted. With fall sports nearing, many high-schoolers are preparing for try-outs. If they are not careful, they might end up resorting to unhealthy choices. There are about a hundred different types of steroids in the market, and they are easy to get anywhere.

Don Hooton started the Taylor Hooton Foundation after his son’s death in 2003. Taylor, was a 16-year-old student and baseball player at Plano West Senior High School in Plano, Texas. He was told by his coach that he needed to gain more weight in order to effectively compete in his senior year. He turned into steroids. However, he was unaware of the depression brought about by the substance.

Hooton’s Chat Talk is a program of the the Taylor Hooton foundation exclusively created to provide education and awareness against performance-enhancing drugs. It provides facts, side effects and dangers of using steroids especially among the youth.

From KATC:

Lafayette native Don Hooton speaks across the country about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs, or steroids. He started a national organization, the Taylor Hooton Foundation, after his teenage son died from them. Now he is back in Acadiana to spread the word.

Wednesday 14, Jan 2009


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vince__linda_mcmahon-steroidsLinda McMahon is not only Vince McMahon’s wife. She is the CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment, and she had also been called for questioning by the  U. S. Congress with regards to rampant anabolic steroid use in professional wrestling. Linda McMahon’s interview was far more useful than the highly criticized Vince McMahon testimonial. In fact, Linda gave a very interesting comment about Ted Turner, one of America’s most prominent businessmen.

Obviously, gone are the days when the then-WWF strongly showed their support for steroid testing policies. From what Linda McMahon pointed out, Turner didn’t openly promote the use of steroids in order to gain more wrestlers. He just kept a blind eye on wrestlers using steroids. It’s no wonder that Turner was able to lure a lot of individuals into joining professional wrestling in the mid-90s. It wasn’t just the smell of money that attracted them; it was the opportunity to get away with steroid use in a profession where you’re looked upon as the next action hero.

Maybe the congress didn’t waste its time getting Linda McMahon’s testimonial, but the question really is: Why didn’t they get one from Ted Turner himself? With such an obvious lead Linda had given then, it makes you question the committee’s efforts in getting behind the steroid action in the world of wrestling.

Thursday 25, Dec 2008

  Deceased MMA fighter Justin Levens was addicted to painkillers not steroids

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levens-steroidsUFC mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens was found dead along with his wife in their Laguna Niguel condominium in California. Authorities believed it was a case of murder-suicide although investigation is still ongoing to determine exactly the nature of the crime.

“Nothing has been ruled out,” said Orange Country Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The bodies of Levens, 28 and his wife Sara McLean-Levens, 25, were discovered around 2:30 pm Wednesday by the mother of McLean-Levens, saying she got worried when she had not heard from her daughter for five days. When she saw the bodies, the woman dialed 911 for help. The bodies were believed to be in the home for at least a few days.

Orange County Superior Court records indicated that Levens was convicted in 2003 of spousal injury.

His last fight was scheduled July this year, but he was banned before the fight for testing positive for oxymorphone, an opioid analgesic.

This case has spawned suspicions that the crime was caused by roid rage, a term used to refer to aggressive and violent behavior of anabolic steroid users. However, there has been no concrete indication that Levens was abusing steroids.

According to the report of LA Times, no suicide note was found but authorities recovered a handgun at the scene. Police also found huge amounts of pain killers and anti-depressants at the condo but not anabolic steroids.

It has been compared with the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide which was alleged to have been caused also by roid rage. However, people who are involved in the case, including Benoit’s father, linked the wrestler’s murderous behavior to dementia which was believed to be caused by repetitive head concussions