During a conference call Tuesday, MMA observers witnessed a very confident Dana White. The UFC president is assuring MMA fans of  two things – the possibility of the Randy Couture-Fedor Emelianenko matchup and the security of his fight promotion vis-à-vis Affliction Entertainment.

White says the bout between MMA’s two most popular fighters is as close to a sure thing. UFC, he states, will just simply wait.

“Randy Couture’s going to fight November 15,” White said. “He’s going to fight Brock Lesnar in the biggest fight in UFC history. The rest of the heavyweight division will be figured out in December. I would be f—king horrified if Affliction is still in business by January. They’re going to burn a lot of cash in the next couple of months, believe me. Good luck to them and I’ll be sitting here waiting to see what happens.”

Things have recently patched up between Couture and UFC. “The Natural” recently signed a three-fight deal with the promotion. Emelianenko, meanwhile, has committed his services exclusively to Affliction Entertainment. But White is expecting an outcome favorable to UFC, confidently predicting the demise of the rival promotion.

“These guys are dying on the vine,” said White of Affliction. “They’ll be gone in a couple of months anyway and then Fedor will have to come here. Listen, you’re not under contract if the company isn’t in business anymore. We’ll figure it out.”

White’s promotion remains at the top of the industry’s echelon despite several attempts to displace its position. There was the International Fight League, which many had thought could go head-to-head with UFC, but only ran for 23 events and incurred $36 million debt, reports say. Pro Elite, parent company of several fight promotions including EliteXC and King of the Cage, is reportedly suffering the same fate as did IFL.